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Press Release and Media

Press Release and Media

Our exclusive PR and Media campaigns are built around content that include biographies, facts & figures, brand updates, crisis control, etc. for both individuals and corporate brands.

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Build your Online Presence

Effective PR and Media Campaigns play a huge role in building Online Reputation. These campaigns are meant to communicate your exact proposition to the public in an effective manner. PR and Media Campaigns validate other ORM activities like Social Media Verification, Content Optimization, etc. and helps you position yourself on prominent forums. It keeps you relevant among the audience by keeping yourself visible and up-to date. Furthermore, we create media relations in order to filter out any crisis, scandal or misinformation around your personal/corporate brand. 

Individual & Brand Press Release

Public figures these days are nothing less than personal brands. In that aspect, it is extremely crucial for them to be in the public eye in a credible and reputed manner. The Internet is the only forum for them to connect and interact with the audience. Hence, it is imperative to maintain a great online reputation. Being public figures, rumours and defamatory news are always around the corner. PR and Media campaigns are a great way to counteract and maintain a positive image in the public. Under our PR package for individual figures, we regularly track their activities, create positive content around their lives, manage crisis through effective media outreach etc. If you are a public figure and looking to create or enhance your online reputation, contact us to avail exclusive PR services.

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Corporate Press Release

In the corporate sector, PR and media communication is extremely important to drive audience engagement and be relevant in the industry. Holding media conferences, creating engaging content, covering important news, facts are few of our areas of expertise in corporate PR. Moreover, it is also important to maintain a reputed brand image amongst the audience and keep them informed about the latest happenings CoinJoin. Public Relations in the corporate also opens up a lot of business opportunities through effective networking and being connected to the public through prominent media publications.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a press release?

A press release is a precisely drafted crisp piece of content that answers the who, what, when how, and why regarding all happenings around your brand. It is also used sometimes to make official announcements to your audience and the media. The whole idea of PR is to keep yourself relevant among the audience by constantly interacting with them and feed accurate information about your brand.

How is the press release distributed?

Press releases are distributed via a national wire service. Through this distribution network, we aim to make your PR available to a wide range of news outlets. This helps in enhancing your online footprint, Google search results and keep in close touch brand advocates and especially the target audience.

Where will my press release appear?

As we distribute your press releases through a national wire service, these will appear across a wide range of platforms including independent journals, local journals, online publications, major TV network affiliates as well as some business/financial sections of national media outlets.

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